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A Maywood California teacher was arrested on Friday after he got into a fight with a student who called him a n*gger. The fight was caught on video..

The fight broke out at Maywood Academy High School during band class. The teacher involved was music teacher Marston Riley, 40,

CBS News LA reported that it identified the teacher as 64-year-old Riley Marston, swinging at the student following an alleged dispute over the uniform the student was wearing.

But, according to students in the class, the argument broke out between the teacher and student over a school dress code. The situation quickly escalated, with the student threatening the teacher and calling the 40 year old Black man a "n*gger."

That was a bad idea for the student, who was eventually taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The video shows the student, a junior at Maywood Academy, egging on the teacher while using racial slurs. At one point he even threw his basketball at the man.

"I felt, like, a little bothered, because you know, it's kind of racist," student Ivan Valencia said.

The student, who is Latino, called the teacher the "N Word."

Police arrested the teacher, and charged him with assault.


And now the parents want answers.

“I’m shocked. Why did it have to escalate to this point?” one woman said.

“I send my kids [to] school to learn, not to hit,” another parent said.

The student was taken to the hospital. He is believed to be OK.

Marston remained held Friday night on $50,000 bail.