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TD Jakes' Daughter Cora Jakes Coleman Defends Tamar Braxton

TD Jakes' daughter Cora Jakes Coleman has spoken out in defense of Tamar Braxton after Tamar's boyfriend (most likely ex-boyfriend) claimed that he abused him.

 "Considering we don't know the whole story, let's not jump to the conclusion of David being a victim. He was just posting videos with Logan now he is getting abused get out of here with this," Cora wrote on a post on TSR. 

"Tamar is working on herself while this man is trying to be the star of a show. Tamar is simply trying to heal and he won't let her get the help she needs without being a victim himself. David is not a victim David is capitalizing on Tamar's life as he always has."

Adefeso asked the court to grant him a temporary restraining order, which would prevent Tamar from coming near him or contacting him in any manner.

Fans are relieved that Adefeso is out of Tamar's life. They have deemed him controlling and an opportunist.