Taylor Swift is gearing up for the release of her Sundance documentary Miss Americana, but in a recently published interview, Swift takes aim at Kanye West over his actions at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Kanye later mentioned Swift in a song, and she claimed to be hurt by the track, but Kim Kardashian then released video footage of a phone conversation between him and Swift, where she appears to give him the green light to mention her.

“As a teenager who had only been in country music, attending my very first pop awards show, somebody stood up. That message was received, and it burrowed into my psyche more than anyone knew. … That can push you one of two ways: I could have just curled up and decided I’m never going to one of those events ever again, or it could make me work harder than anyone expects me to, and try things no one expected, and crave that respect — and hopefully, one day get it," she told Variety.

Swift says Ye's attempts to reconcile were insincere.

“But then when that person who sparked all of those feelings comes back into your life, as he did in 2015, and I felt like I finally got that respect (from West), but then soon realized that for him it was about him creating some revisionist history where he was right all along, and it was correct, right and decent for him to get up and do that to a teenage girl…”