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Taylor Swift is 30, but that doesn't mean that she's ready to quit making music and start having babies - and one reporter found out the hard way.

Swift was asked about whether she is now ready to settle down and have babies, she shut that convo right now.

"I really do not think men are asked that question when they turn 30," she told German outlet RTL, PEOPLE reports. "So I'm not going to answer that now."

Well, She does have a point...

But she did then lighten the mood after the shutdown:

"I hear others say… your 30s no longer has as much stress and anxiety in life as in my 20s, and I can join in the observation that we are in our 20s looking to gain experience, try things out, fail, make mistakes," Swift said.

"And I definitely plan to try and fail things in my 30s as well. But I expect that in our 30s we feel a little better of who we are. The closer I get to it, the more I feel it happens," she added.