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Hollywood actor Taye Diggs has had enough of "certain white people" who he says never pick up their gym towels while using the gym.

He posed the question to his supporters via his social media:

"Hello, my name is Taye Diggs, and I am, in fact, a Black actor. I have been blessed enough to be able to afford to work out at a luxury gymnasium, but alas, there is a problem," he begins.

"I don't mean to make this about race, I do believe we should all get along. But there are white people, certain white people in my locker room that refuse to pick up their soiled towels. They leave them strewn about willy nilly, on the counters, on the floors, and on the benches, dare I say the steam room where I enjoy frequenting."

The Diggs addresses the white gym members directly:

"So I ask you white people, were you raised in a barn? Did you not have mothers and fathers that taught you to pick up after yourselves? Or are you in fact just lazy, spoiled, forgetful honkeys? Excuse my language," he says before telling them -- "Pick up your towels! I don't work for you, and the people that work for the gymnasium have enough to do. Pick up your d*ck towels whities! Pick em up!"