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Tasha From The Game . . . Is Being Sued By DEADBEAT HUSBAND . . . For ALIMONY!!


The Game actress Wendy Raquel Robinson's estranged husband - wants $15K a month in spousal support. Wendy, best known for playing “Tasha” in the 2000s show ‘The Game’ I likely going to have to pay her ex some support - so that he can "maintain his lifestyle. 

Wendy’s husband, Marco Perkins, filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage last week. The two have no children - but that's not stopping Marco form going after the bag.

And Marco needs the money too. You see, he had a debilitating stroke back in 2015. According to him, Wendy dropped him, right in the middle of his recovery, leaving him completely broke.

In docs discovered by TMZ, Marco claimed to have lived a high-priced lifestyle while married to Wendy, the breadwinner in their relationship. Now, he believes he’s entitled to at least $10,000 a month to maintain the lavish life he’s used to and adds that it should be of little consequence to her since she makes roughly $200,000 a month.

TMZ was the first to report this story


The couple married in 2003 after being introduced by a friend of a friend.

Robinson previously spoke to Essence about their relationship, including how they met and how he proposed.

“The guys were all talking and the ladies were all talking and, you know, he’s holding court, and I’m like, who’s this guy? We just started talking and the rest was history. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. It was really just a connection at first sight and we were both at the right places in our lives and it just happened.”