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Target is trending this morning for selling a holiday greeting card that is aimed at Black people. Some are suggesting that the card is too "stereotypical" of Black women.

 The card, as you can see below, shows three women talking about 2018 winding down - and complimenting each other for their strength, perseverance, and beauty.

But the card uses slang phrases like "I ain't mad at you" and "keep it real", that many find cringeworthy.


Here are some of the comments of posters on social media, who are critical of the card:

I’m surprised they didn’t have one of the characters neck-rolling......

Reminds me of the Chappelle skit "When keeping it real goes wrong"

It's a little too much.

I’m cringing even if a black person mad this card. 

But not everyone has a problem with the card. Many on social media like the card, and its sentiment.