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Taraji P. Henson caught the wrath of social media after she compared the #muterkelly movement to the Harvey Weinstein backlash.

In a video posted to her Instagram stories, she is seen looking up the#MuteRKelly hashtag on Instagram, (more than 30,000 posts) before she typed in#MuteHarveyWeinstein had less than 20 posts. Henson appeared to be implying that too much focus was being placed on Kelly and not enough on Weinstein.

Fans were quick to educate Henson, telling her that the #muterkelly hashtag was about not supporting his music.

Weinstein also faced similar backlash, if not more so, as scores of celebrities stepped forward to recount the negative experiences with him and condemn him publicly. He was also removed from his company and is a social pariah. They also reminded Henson that he is currently on trial.

The "Hidden Figures" actress has since deleted the post and posted the following tweet.