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Actress Taraji Henson Shows Up To MOVIE PREMIERE . . . Wearing a BATH ROBE!! (She Looks CUTE In It TOO)


Taraji Henson showed up to the premiere of her new movie Acrimony in New York - wearing a STRAIGHT UP BATHROBE. By the way - we saw Crimony (Tyler Perry's new movie), and it's DEFINITELY worth the price of admission).

As for Taraji's robe - you can tell by the ornamentation on it that it's expensive. And she looked CUTE in it too. So we guess it's appropriate.

Taraji has been caught up in the recent #WhoBitBeyonce drama. Haddish claimed that the actress she has spoken about earlier this year who was all over Jay at his concert bit Beyonce!

An insider told MTO News, "I don't know if Tiffany is making the whole story up because she's prone to telling OUTRIGHT LIES. But yeah, I heard her repeat that same story, except she used Taraji Henson's name.

Tiffany has hopped onto Twitter to clear Taraji's name, but Taraji herself has remained silent. Her social media pages are currently solely focused on promoting the new movie as well as the upcoming season on Fox's Empire.

Wonder how many people will be rushing out to cop a designer bathrobe after seeing Taraji's? We might cop one too!