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Tanya Sam from the Atlanta Housewives was involved in what is being called a "major" car crash last Friday. And we confirmed that Tanya suffered "internal" injuries from the crash.

MTO News confirmed that the accident occurred in Los Angeles and initially Tanya thought she was fine. But after a few days, the tech mogul realized that she suffered internal injuries and Tanya was rushed to Cedars-Sinai hospital for treatment. 

Tanya explained the injuries to her fans on Instagram. She told them, "So, remember that car accident that I was in Friday? Turns out it might have been more serious than I thought. Turns out I have some bleeding probably from the seatbelt impact trauma."

Tanya attended Tina Lawson's Wearable Art Gala last weekend, without realizing that she had suffered server injuries. The Atlanta Housewife claimed that she was not feeling well at the event, but decided to shake it off. When she eventually got checked out, however, doctors found that she had gastrointestinal bleeding.

"Saturday I had that [Wearable Art] gala and I was actually pretty sick," she continued. "Turns out I was having some GI bleeding. My tests are cleared."

Going into the specifics, Tanya - a  former nurse - added that her bleeding was probably caused by "forcible compression to intestines and stomach."

Tanya was ordered to not eat for days, and while she's been released from the hospital, she's under observation.

Tanya's not out of the woods completely, but she's doing much better. It looks like she will make a full recovery