Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, focused on Tania Maduro - who returned to the United States from her 30-day girls’ night out attending the Costa Rican School of Witch Doctory. In the episode, Tania was reunited with fiancé Syngin Colchester - and the two started fighting immediately

Tania and Syngin have the type of toxic relationship that you can predict will end very badly.

After the show, Tania went on social media - and explained to fans that she's a survivor of sexual abuse. 

Tania revealed to fans, “For those who assume to know all about me from just seeing me in a Sunday Night TV Show… here’s a quick fact..” She added,  “I was molested multiple times before I was even five years old. So yeah #MeToo.”

Tania then went on IG Live to reveal more about the sexual abuse she suffered. According to Tania, she talks about her abuse in front of TLC 90 Day Fiance cameras, but so far producers have chosen not to include that on the show. “I also talked about that during filming,” she wrote. “Don’t think it’s ever made it to screen though. Just like a lot of stuff hasn’t.”