Tamron Hall has announced that she was "fired" from the TODAY Show when she was "demoted" to make room for Megyn Kelly.

"I go into work one day. I left fired. 'Demoted' I guess is what they called it. I called it fired," Hall said during the first episode of her new self-titled show. "I am back because of all of you."

"Inside, I was falling apart. I had worked since I was 14," she said.

Tamron is now flying high with her own show, and Megyn who was promoted over her later faced national disgrace after blackface comments she made went viral. 

Megyn, received heavy backlash for her remarks and calls were made for her to be fired, was eventually let go from the network  - but before not before leaving with a huge check.

"I was heartbroken," Hall told USA Today ahead of her Monday premiere.

"(Imagine) you've been putting in the work, and suddenly your employer says they're phasing you out. I had some suspicions because I'm a reporter and I'm pretty intuitive, but no one wants to lose their job. It wasn't about who I was losing it to – it was like a relationship where you're putting in 100% and the person who's putting in less has the nerve to break up with you."