Talk show host Tamron Hall has hinted on her show at a previous romantic relationship with deceased icon, Prince.

"On April 21, 2016, the world lost a genius, an original thinker, and one of the precious souls in my life that helped me get where I am to this moment. In fact, right before I left my last job, Prince wrote me an email, and he said, 'Why are you waiting for them when you can do this yourself?' And he didn't mean by myself because, Team Tamron, it takes a village to put on this show, trust me. What he meant was you have to believe in yourself, and he sent that email, and a couple of years later, I left my job. That's another story," she said on her show.

She then explained how she ended up as the cover of Prince's song, "If I Could Get Your Attention," before saying:

"But we had been very close, many years by now. And he wrote me an email in relation. Cuz I called him, and I said, 'What are you doing?' I never share my emails with Prince. I have hundreds of them, if not a thousand. Because I don't, like you, want to feel like I'm exploiting."

She then read a rather saucy email from Prince that she had received:

"Subject: #1: Eye hate Ur Red Dress… Y? Because it's touching Ur body and Eye'm not. : ("

Should the "happily married" Tamron Hall have leaked the emails or nah?