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Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka from Love & Hip Hop were just cast on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp. According to our friends in production, the new season of the show will feature couples from the LOVE AND HIP HOP franchise.

In addition to Waka and Tammy, other Love & Hip Hop Couples - like Soulja Boy and Nia Riley, Lil Mo and her husband Karl Dargan, Jessica Dime and her fiance professional basketball player Shawne Williams.

But here's the tea. During filming of the season, a storyline comes up . . . and there is mention of an alleged pregnant side chick from Waka.

You'll recall that Tammy and Waka have been trying to get pregnant for years. The producers are suggesting (possibly through scripting and editing) that Waka may have slipped up and gotten a side baby.

Of course we're using the word 'allegedly' because . . . well . . . a lot of the the drama on these reality shows is scripted and not real.

We hope for Tammy's sake that Waka didn't get a side baby on her.