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Tami Roman Calls Out Tahiry For Putting Her Hands On Vado

Social media was shocked when WeTV's Dr. Ish released a clip of Tahiry getting choked by her boyfriend, Vado, on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition -- but Tami Roman wants Tahiry to take some accountability as she assaulted Vado first.

Viewers who watched the show were shocked to see Tahiry verbally abuse Vado. She also threw two apples directly into his face baseball style and slammed a chair up against him.

Vado then snapped, grabbing her around her neck.

"Don't think that I am condoning domestic violence, because I am not. I am a survivor of DV, but I also feel like people need to take accountability in those situations," Tami said. "If you are a female that puts your hands on a man first, you cannot count on the fact that he has been raised to not hit your ass back. And if he does hit you back, God forbid, to me I feel like that's a fight. You just fighting at that point."

She continued, "And please, I'm sorry, I don't want this taken the wrong way. That does not constitute a domestic violence situation to me. If you are the instigator, aggressor, initiator of physical contact as a female in a relationship and you run up on somebody who ain't been taught or doesn't live by the thought process that men should not hit women and they hit your ass back, you gotta take accountability for the fight that you are in and you just got the short end of the stick."