Tamera Mowry has revealed that her twin sister, Tia Mowry, has banned her from discussing their arguments with her cohosts on The Real.

The revelation came as the ladies discussed Drake's fallout with his father, who claimed that the rapper fabricated lies about him in his lyrics just to sell records.

"I learned kind of like the hard way doing this show," she explained. "Because obviously, we talk about our personal lives, so the first season, I got lots of phone calls from my mom, my dad, my sister."

Tamera continued: "I've learned not to say anything that they can't defend themselves [against] in the moment if they're not here. It's just respect. And I actually have a conversation with them beforehand. When you do interviews, you sometimes know the questions and stuff. So now I know my limitations."

Tamera added, "My dad doesn't like me talking about his personal dating life. My mom wanted everyone to know she is divorced. My sister did not want me talking about our arguments."

So, it's unlikely we'll be getting any tea about her sister on the show from now on.