Tamera From The Real's Husband Being Called 'Racist - Dragged On Twitter!

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Tamera Mowry's husband, Adam is being called a racist, for posting some intentionally misleading information about Black South Africans on Twitter, MTO News has learned.


Adam, who worked for many years at Fox News, took to Twitter yesterday and posted about death and disease in South Africa. According to Adam, 1 million "body bags" have been sent to South Africa.

Adam further asserts that 8.5 million people in the country have "AIDS" or "TB." That statement is simply not true. South Africa has been fighting the spread of HIV for years, but the incidence of AIDS in the country is nowhere near those numbers. Further, because of new medicines, living with HIV is no longer a death sentence.

To put South Africa's numbers in context, a Black person in South Africa is 50% LESS likely to contract HIV than a White gay or bisexual man in the United States. And less than 5% of those infected with HIV in South Africa, have their disease progress to AIDS.

Adam's comments are in line with many open racists in South Africa, who post misleading numbers - and then blame the "Black" government of not being able to run effectively. Those racists hope to undermine the government, and have the country return to White rule.

But that didn't stop Adam from putting out the intentionally misleading numbers. Look:


As soon as he posted this, folks from South Africa began dragging the former Fox News worker. They pointed out that so far, only 5 people died from coronavirus - and all were foreign travelers.