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Tamar's Husband Vince In 'DEEP DEPRESSION' . . . Over Losing Her!!


Tamar served her husband Vince with divorce papers over the weekend, and revealed that she's dating a "beautiful African man" on The Wendy Williams show yesterday.

MTO News learned that Tamar's estranged husband Vince is not taking the news well. A person close to Vince explained, "Vince thought he would fix his marriage, and Tamar led him to believe that it was possible."

But now that doesn't seem likely. Tamar told Wendy Williams that she is "in love" with her new boyfriend, and has NO PLANS of ever going back with Vince.

MTO News' insider added, "Vince is in a dark place. We're worried about him. He put everything into that marriage, his money, his soul, everything."

The insider continued, "I don't know what he's going to do. I'm really worried."

According to a document obtained by The Blast, Braxton is being warned by the L.A. County court that her divorce against Vince Herbert is at risk of being dismissed over inactivity.

The Blast report continued. . . saying "The “All the Way Home” singer filed for divorce from Herbert back in October 2017 after nine years of marriage. However, he has not responded to the divorce petition, and there’s been no proof that Braxton properly served him with the papers."

The court says she needs to show proof that Herbert was served to acquire a default judgement without his involvement needed, but if that doesn’t happen she could be legally S.O.L.