Tamar Braxton took to social media to show off her Christmas tree, but instead of admiring her tree, her followers ripped Tamar Braxton's face to shreds.

Her followers left a hoard of brutal comments on her festive post:

"She got so many decorations on it,you can't see the tree. As far as her face she had implants put in her cheeks. And she had somemore surgery on her nose. Cause one side clapppsing. One nostril stood wider open them the other. I don't know why these idiot people do Plastic surgery on their body's. That's how God meant for you to look" said one fan.

"Sus your lookong lil kim'ish ma... chill on them injections in the face PLEASE... happy holidays tho" another follower added.

While another commented: "I love her, but truth be told, her face looks botched! She should stop with the injections or whatever it is! 😔Other than that, nice tree and wish u happy holidays."

There were, of course, fans who were complimentary of her tree, but there were so many negative posts about her alleged surgery - it really overshadowed the mood.

Tamar has always had very high cheekbones and since getting the big chop, her cheekbones have appeared that much more pronounced.

Do you think Tamar has had plastic surgery recently, or are her cheekbones just poppin?