Kandi Burress had an emotional breakdown last night, while inside the Big Brother House . According to her fellow cast members, Kandi stayed up all night, crying her eyes out in the bathroom.

The two are living under the same roof while appearing on the current season of Celebrity Big Brother, forcing the women to address their rocky relationship head-on.

During the season premiere on Monday, Braxton revealed that two have had beef since she went on tour with Burruss and her group Xscape last year.

“We went on tour this time last year together, and had a really big, successful tour,” she said, according to BET. “And with Xscape, and myself, and another singer, and like, she ain’t never really liked me like that, you know what I’m sayin’?”

And while Braxton said Burruss had general disdain toward her, the Xscape singer told a different story. She claimed their feud began after Braxton invited people who had spoken negatively about Burruss on tour.

Kandi has been under constant pressure from fellow castmate Tamar. Tamar has been constantly arguing with Kandi, and trying to get her to engage in public bickering.

But Kandi has been trying to avoid all of Tamar's drama. And last night, it became too much for Kandi to bear and she had a breakdown. According to multiple house guests - Kandi had a breakdown and cried herself to sleep.

Here's video of house guest Ricky Williams and Tamar talking about it (at 12:40)

So far Kandi's crying and avoiding drama worked. She avoided being eliminated from the House yesterday - even though she got one vote to evict.