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Tamar Braxton's BF David Adefeso Reportedly Controlling & Fame Hungry!!

A source close to Tamar Braxton has reportedly claimed that her boyfriend, David Adefeso, is controlling -- and says that he wanted their WeTV show to be mostly about him.

After seeing how he was portrayed on the show, Adefeso allegedly tried to have it canceled.

"David's behavior on the show, with Tamar and production was alarming. He wanted to be VERY involved and wanted to be on camera, way more than expected from the very first day," a source told TheJasmineBRAND.

The source added, "David constantly acted like he wanted to be behind-the-scenes and didn't want to be on camera, but when production began he was always trying to be on camera. Even when he wasn't scheduled to be in a scene – he would make sure that he was involved in some way and would make the scene about him, so that he could get more time on camera. He wanted this to be the 'David and Tamar' show."

They said that even when he was not on set filming, he kept calling and stressing her out. During the 911 call, Adefeso made to emergency services following her alleged suicide attempt -- Adefeso mentioned the network.

Her family said it was strange for him to say that on the call at the time.

"This reality show was different in that the audience saw exactly what was shot. Those scenes where he's inserting himself into the process, yelling at Goli (Samii) and telling Tamar what to do and how to handle herself – that's what really happened," the source adds. "And I don't think he expected to come off like that – he doesn't want the world to see that. He was livid when he saw it. This was supposed to be his big moment where he was officially introduced to the world and that's not the image he wanted to portray."