Tamar Braxton Wants To Join Bravo's  Real Housewives Of Atlanta!!


Tamar Braxton is looking to join Bravo's top-rated Real Housewives Of Atlanta, MTO News has learned.

The Atlanta Housewives' star Nene Leakes is looking for a back up for season 12 (next season). Nene has been feuding with all of the other housewives - at one point or another during the current season. Now she's recruiting new talent, that she can lean on in the future.

MTO News learned that Nene hopes that her friend and songstress, Tamar Braxton, can join the drama-filled cast next season.

(see the video above)

Nene first started the Tamar Braxton to the Housewives rumors two weeks ago, when she made the following comment:

“You know what I would do? I would take a peach from somebody that’s holding one that doesn’t need to hold one, that’s super boring, give it to somebody else, and mix it up… And half of the girls will be gone because they’re so boring chile. I think Tamar would be a great addition. She’s entertaining, so she’s not boring… She’s got a lot to say, she’s opinionated. I’d love to see her come. I’d welcome her with open arms. Come to me Tamar!”

And last night, Nene spoke with Tamar on Live, and Tamar explained that she wants to join the Bravo show.

Listen to the video above.