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Tamar Braxton Alive & Well; Transferred To A Mental Health Facility

Tamar Braxton has reportedly been transferred to a mental health facility just days after she was hospitalized for an alleged attempted suicide.

"Tamar is not out of the woods by any means. Doctors are still keeping a very close eye on her for her safety," an insider told E!. "Tamar has been committed to working on her mental health for some time, but she experienced some setbacks during the last year, finding quarantine to be particularly difficult."

The Blast initially reported that David immediately called 911 after finding Braxton unresponsive on Thursday night and told the cops that she had been drinking and had ingested an unknown amount of prescription pills.

According to a separate source, Tamar's boyfriend, David Adefeso, does not believe that she was trying to kill herself.

"David does not believe that she was trying to kill herself, despite experiencing some rough times in quarantine," they said, "Finding Tamar like that has left him understandably concerned and shaken up."