Tamar Braxton and Tameka "Tiny" Harris have an on-again off-again type of friendship. One day, the two ladies are like sisters and the next, Tamar is on social media shading her former BFF.

Well, Tamar is currently on good terms with Tiny. She went online and posted about Tiny's marriage. She congratulated the two for staying together, despite all the infidelity during their marriage.

She even thanked TI for "loving" her friend.

Some are suggesting that underneath all of Tamar's nice words - was just a hint of shade . . . 

Tamar had this to say: “Happy birthday to @troubleman31 we fall out and fight like true blood because we are. Because you love my eternal sister @majorgirl with every fiber of your being!!! And you know we share the same feeling no matter what!!! You and my Precious made sure that bond was never tainted and I’ll forever look up to you and love you all because all of you make it through whatever, whomever, whatever….”

Tamar went on to add: “The TRUE meaning of marriage and friendship❤️❤️ no matter come what may, we are bonded for life!!! May you have everything I told you I had seen a few weeks ago, it was truly GREATNESS, and I told you that… May that be and much more and your year around the sun this year is just like all of your visions!!! I love you all ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for loving my sister Love Tiny since day 1!!! Periodt.”

She said "You make it through whatever, whomever"