Tamar Braxton was officially single, but not anymore. Two days ago she announced that she broke up with her Nigerian boyfriend. At the time Tamar suggested that her boyfriend "scammed" her. But now they're back together.


Tamar did not giving specifics on what he allegedly did to her that was considered a "scam." But when one of the Braxton songstress' fans suggested that Tamar was being "scammed" by the Nigerian, Tamar liked the comment - suggesting that she agreed.

Tamar and her African boyfriend have been dating now for the past 8 months. Their relationship moved quickly - the two moved in together, and Tamar's bae was acting as her new defacto manager.

Tamar's former manager was ex-husband Vince Hebert. Tamar and Vince separated last year, and are working towards finalizing their settlement.

Here's what she posted last night:

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.19.02 AM
Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 6.19.55 AM

We expect the entire breakup to play out on the upcoming season of the WE TV show The Braxtons, which is currently filming new episodes.

Here are some pics of Tamar's ex:


Braxton announced back in September that she had been dating “T’Challa” for three months and was in love.

“I met him at a friend’s birthday party, thank you God, he’s so fine! I can’t take it sometimes. It’s like a whole snack — a Lunchable!” she told Wendy Williams. “He lives in L.A., he’s originally from Nigeria, but he lived here for a while.”

At the time, she told Williams that she would love to settle down and have children with him.

“I would love to have some wonderful, beautiful African children for the Lord.”

Things were definitely getting serious between the two, but now it seems that things have cooled off, for now at least.