Tamar Braxton Shows Off Her New CORNROWS . . .And We Love Tamar . . . But She's Way To BALD HEADED For This Style!!!


Tamar Braxton tried a new hairstyle . . . cornrows. And well, from the eyebrows down, Tamar was slaying.

But that hair is just too THIN and too ABSENT . . . to be trying that look. Tamar needs to start with other more simple styles.

We know that Tamar has had trouble with her edges, especially after giving birth to her son. She revealed what she said grew them back - in an interview with Hype Hair magazine. "The number-one thing I use is S.H.O. (Simplicity Hair Oil) products, and I swear by them because that’s what got my edges to grow back," she recently told the hair mag. And we're telling her, she may want to skip braids altogether if she wants to keep 'em.