Tamar Braxton took to the Gram to post a loving tribute to her man - but upon first glance, most of her fans thought that she had posted a picture of rapper Future.

"The fact that I once thought that love was a feeling. The fact is every thing about that word is an action. To be patient and kind and giving, respectful, Honest, mature, nurturing, protective, present, problem solving ,a provider, Saved, Positive, considerate, all about family, is EVERYTHING that u are LOVE.." she wrote. 

Tamar continued: "you won’t let me run and hide Nor have a tantrum 🙄 without communicating and facing ANY situation! Thank you for showing me that it’s not just about FEELINGS!! It’s DOING! #mylove💕💕💕 I’m so grateful for you🥰🥰 Happy just Being YOU day @david.adefeso"

In the pic, David has his dreads pulled back and rocks a pair of shades, and although her fans are supportive, they couldn't help make comparisons between David and the ATL rapper:

"Thought this was future for a sec"

"I thought this was future for a min lol"

"I thought this was Future at first 😩😩😂"

"Thought this was Future..then i remembered..i dont follow him. Lol"

"He looks like a mature version of future"