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Tamar Braxton On Brandy Verzuz Monica: The Average Girl Can’t Ride W/ Brandy On Their Best Day!!

Tamar Braxton has given her two cents on the Brandy Verzuz Monica battle (which will not be happening) -- and she seems to imply that Brandy would win hands down.

“Jesus on the mainline -- I don’t have a problem being honest because I don’t have problem giving credit where credit is due. Nobody is saying that neither of the two can’t sing. That’s not what we’re saying. But the average girl can’t ride with Brandy on their best day. I’m just gonna be honest about it.”

She continued, “Back in the day, I was rewinding 47,013 zillion times to get a Brandy run down pact. And still today -- I feel like even now it’s hard to grasp. Brandy has a different kind of skill. No really, she really, really does! Her ability to hear certain things and be able.”

She quickly added, “I’m not talking about Monica! Bump all of that and please stay off my ats. Get out my mentions. That’s not what I’m talking about. Brandy’s voice feels like silk. Sometimes, you gotta drink a little bit of Brandy.”