Tamar Braxton: Lil Kim Did Not Give Nicki Minaj Her Talent!!


Tamar Braxton responded to Usher's recent remarks about Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj -- arguing that Lil Kim did not give Nicki Minaj her talent.

During an interview with Swizz Beats last week, Usher claimed that Nicki was a by-product of Lil Kim.

Tamar says it just isn't true.

"I think of them as two different entities. I don't give a damn, what come, what may, Lil Kim did not give Nicki Minaj her talent," she stated. "So, therefore, who are you to take Nicki Minaj talents away from her?... You can't get too involved with the Barbz or the Queen Bees, I don't know the stans, but you can't get too involved with it because that's not fair."

Many people took Usher's comments as saying that Kim paved the way for Nicki -- something that she stated on TSR's post in the comments section.

"What I said was Kim did pave the way for Nicki and in return Nicki paved the way for others too! What I don’t agree with is artist being pinned against each other 🗣I said what I said 🤷🏽‍♀️ still love Usher tho❤️"

Y'all agree?