Tamar Braxton Co-signs . . . Cardi B A 'BAD MOTHER' . . . She Wants 'SMOKE'!!!

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Tamar Braxton may be the next artist that gets into a fist fight with Cardi B - she liked a Tweet were a poster called Cardi a "bad mother." Cardi B got into a fight with Nicki Minaj this weekend, after Nicki "liked; a similar post.

And what's worse is that Tamar is FRIENDS with Cardi's sister Hennessey. The two were photo'd together in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Tamar called Hennessey her "little sister."


But all that has changed. Yesterday Tamar liked the below post - where a woman called Cardi a "bad mom" for fighting Nicki Minaj. The poster claimed that fighting on the red carpet, could have landed Cardi in jail.

Look at Tamar's "like"


And here is the post:

When Tamar was confronted by Cardi fans about the post, Tamar told fans that she "wanted smoke" with Cardi. Tamar quickly deleted the comment after Cardi fans WENT IN on her, though.