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Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert's marriage has officially come to an end and she is now "legally single."

Back in April, Tamar asked a judge to change her marital status to legally single, and the judge has agreed. Despite both being deemed legally single, the couple has yet to finalize the details around divvying up their assets, per TMZ.

Tamar filed for divorce from Vincent in October 2017 after Vincent allegedly cheated on her.

"Some of us have been living a LIE!..& sometimes when things R shared, what's NOT being surfaced is that he has one or several girlfriends, or she's never home, or he's very general when he speaks, or 'this doesn't sound like him' or he's so busy lately!!.etc.etc.," Tamar wrote on Instagram at the time of their split.

"U have to think to yourself? When is enough enough? Is it ok that he checks up on u when his phone(s) R stuck to him like glue?... While I'm not pushing anyone out of the door.. I'm just telling you what has pushed me out of mine!" she continued. "That LAST time was the LAST time."

Tamar has been loved up with new bae, David Adefeso, for over a year now and looks to be eyeing marriage.