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Tamar Braxton will not be attending her niece's Lauren's funeral - she claims that she's "too tired". Tamar also blames a "headache" for not attending the homegoing of her blood relative.

Tamar and Toni Braxton’s niece, Lauren Braxton, died this week, she was only 24 years old. Lauren had a heart condition, and suffered a massive heart attack on Monday, April 29. She died almost immediately. She is the daughter of Braxton sisters’ brother Michael Braxton. 

Tamar made the explosive revelation yesterday while on Instagram Live. She started her LIVE by talking to fans about the new season of her show, Braxton Family Values.

But then Tamar turned the conversation to herself, and how she needed her fans and family to "support her." Tamar told fans that she needs the support because because she’s tired and has a headache. 

Tamar continued the bizarre rant, by saying that this is the first real death in the family and that "nobody tells you about attending the funeral". 

“I don’t have time to go to the funeral. I’m still drained from that...It’s a lot...Everything happens in God’s divine order and you’ve got to respect it and praise him anyway.”

She ended by saying that she doesn't have time to attend Lauren's funeral - and that she’s drained. Listen:

Shortly after posting the IG Live, Braxton posted about some of the backlash from her comments on her Instagram page. The image in the post read: “PSA: Don’t tell people how to heal from something you’ve never been through.”

Several Instagram users took issue with her comments. User @chatauquaiam responded to Braxton’s post, commenting “Tamar, that is your blood brother's daughter! All I'm goin to say is, what if no one came to your child's funeral God forbid that took place?”

User nini214129110 said she thought the Tamar Braxton’s decision was “just selfish... if you weren’t going, couldn’t post about it or whatever then keep quiet and stop showing off for your own gain.”