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Tamar Braxton seems to find herself with the same type of Black men over and over - the ones who don't date Black women.

Tamar explained her apparent "preference" on Big Brother two days ago. While discussing relationships with Lolo Jones, Tamar admitted that when she and Vincent divorced, she considered dating White men.

Tamar told Lolo, “After [my marriage] ended, because I never thought we would ever break up, ever, when that happened I was like, sh-t, I’ll date whatever.” She added, “I was actually was kind of over with Black dudes. Like, alright, this not workiiiiing, so let me just go on to the other side [laughs].”

But she found her new man six months ago, an African man that she affectionately calls T'challa.

It seems like T'Challa has a lot in common with Vince, both men refused to date Black women before meeting Tamar. 

If you’ll recall, Tamar has said in the past that Vince had a preference for blondes, before meeting and marrying Tamar.

“I met T’Challa and now it’s a wrap again. But he didn’t date Black women, which is crazy,” she said. “He did not date Black women. It’s like, I’m attracted to men who don’t like Black women. Vince neither, remember that? Vince either.”

Instead, she said her current boyfriend messed with “All white girls or others.” And when housemate Dina Lohan joked, “You must be doing something right,” Braxton agreed, singing, “I am the prototype [laughs].”