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Tamar Braxton Got A New BOOTY SURGERY . . . Check Out Her New BODY!!


Tamar Braxton was in Florida this weekend - celebrating her son Logan's fifth birthday at Disney. She was with her ex-husband Vince too. 

She posted a photo on Instagram captioned:

“Nobody wins when the family feuds,” she wrote in a June 4 Instagram caption quoting Jay-Z’s song, “Family Feud.”Thanks so [so] much @waltdisneyworld it’s truly one the #bestdaysofmylife to be able to spend a week here with my family for Logan’s bday I’m so grateful .”

She explained: “Don’t let NOBODY tell you anything different!! The family is EVERYTHING!!! @waltdisneyworld is the BEST place to bring everyone together #thebestdayever just wish upon a star #mydaddyandbeans.”

One fan reacted to the happy family moment by saying: “I got chills seeing this! Man, it’s so good to see positivity! When you shaved your head, I knew then, something new was in store! Wow, I love seeing all of this! Nothing like a happy family!”

But her new look - seems like it's straight out of SOUTH AMERICA.

Tamar posted pics of her new and improved body - and she appears to have gotten a surgically enhanced backside. Before, Tamar's body was cute - but she never had BIG HIPS.

These days celebrities and insta-models are flying down to South America, where doctors have MASTERED the art of butt and hip augmentation. In just a single weekend, and a few thousand dollars, doctors are giving out Amber Rose bodies.