Tamar Braxton got into a fight with a woman, all because the woman commented on her boyfriend's Instagram page.

It all started when Tamar's bae David posted a message on his page, about being exhausted.

One of his female followers left what could be described as a "flirty" post. The woman reached out to David and said, "Hey u."

Tamar immediately flipped out and immediately came for the woman's throat, figuratively speaking.

Tamar posted, "Hey boo! I'm Tamar from Baltimore ... this is my boyfriend David. So correction sis - Hey y'all."

Immediately after the posting, dozens of Tamar's fans came into the comments and started dragging the poor woman.

Here's what went down:

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The woman later responded to Tamar on her own page, accusing the youngest Braxton of being insecure,. She wrote: “@tamarbraxton you shouldn’t be that worried about me? Are you that insecure? I said hi to him because I knew him before you did! And you’re not going to keep a man being insecure, and my husband says hello and tell Vince [hi].”

After previously sharing that her new bae only just recently began using social media, the singer has seemingly been actively on the prowl for any wandering eyes from women trying to shoot their shot.

David recently shared a photo of himself, explaining in its supporting caption that he needs some time to recover after a busy past few days. In response, a woman commented, "Hey u," below the post, which immediately caught the "Love & War" singer's attention.