Tamar Braxton Looks Real Cute In . . . Wait A Sec . . . That's Not Tamar . . . That's MAGIC'S SON!!!

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EJ Johnson sported Fendi on a night out at Delilah. The fashionable 'Rich Kid of Beverly Hills' keeps it chic in designer wear as he ends his weekend at the hotspot.

EJ has really carved a lane for himself after being outed as ay back in 2013 by TMZ. He has worked his way to become a style icon across the genders and has over 600k organic followers on Instagram alone.

"I think it's all about you not trying to decide what your daughter or son should be, or what you want them to become," his father, Magic Johnson told talk show host, Ellen. "It's all about loving them no matter who they are, what they decide to do. And when my son came out, I was so happy for him, and happy for us as parents -- and we love him, and EJ is amazing."

EJ used to receive a lot of shade for his stint on the reality television show, but it appears those days are behind him.

"I think those days have really passed. I think in the beginning it was a lot of animosity towards that, but at the end of the day, I don't really pay attention to all that negativity. I just live my life the way I want to live it, so that's about me," he told Town & Country.

Anyway, he looks fabulous!

We almost confused EJ for Tamar Braxton. They're both cute bald headed divas . . . with similar shapes.