Tamar Braxton is now a single lady, according to online reports. Multiple sources online are claiming that last night Tamar broke up with her Nigerian boyfriend.

Tamar caused the "break up" speculation when she released an Instagram post - suggesting that her man "lost her forever." Tamar post stated that he will "lose her" and there's "nothing no one can do about it."

The youngest Braxton sister has been known to fight her lovers on social media. In the past, she would air out her ex-husband Vince on social media.


So what could her new "WAKANDAN PRINCE" have done to get Tamar to DUMP HIM on Instagram???

Well last week, there were reports online that Tamar's boyfriend may have been cheating on her with a NIGERIAN girl.

Tamar has never given details about her boyfriend. She has told fans that she's in love with him, and planned on making a life with him.