Tamar Braxton apologized to her sister Trina Braxton in a touching post on Instagram.

Featuring a picture of the two of them hugging, she wrote:

“Sometimes you have to check yourself before you wreck yourself!!!💪🏽 most of what u have seen on #BFV was LIES and clips put together with me acting a PLUM FOOL for ratings(believe it or not🤷🏽‍♀️)and sometimes I simply was one☝️ BUT, what is FACTUAL is that it tore my family & Sisterhood apart😔 BUT THANK GOD FOR JESUS and FORGIVENESS!! I’ve decided I’m not going into 2019 the same bitter, combative, woe it is me person. “you did this so ima do that” attitude. It’s ugly and frankly stupid!! Ive realized change is just one simple DECISION!!! No matter what it takes my commitment to me is to be a BETTER me🙏🏽 sometimes all it takes is saying I Love you and I’m sorry for MY PART of the bullshit @trinabraxton1 😘 #funsisternight #onebyone #jesushewillfixit.”

The recent series of Braxton Family Values was forced to a halt over tension between Tamar and her siblings. The tension was further amplified when their sister Traci decided to continue filming with some of her friends, as she has bills to pay and is a grown woman who makes her own decisions.

In the post, Tamar admits to acting out on the show for ratings, but her words and behaviors are extremely cutting. Tamar quite possibly owes the entire family a public apology.