Tamar Braxton took to Instagram stories to let her fans know that she was offered drugs from a dealer during a recent flight and had an anxiety attack as a result!

Tamar was on a flight to New York to spend time with her besties, Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams, when the incident occurred:

 “The airline wanted to take off without sending him off of the flight…even with me on it. As much as I want to go and be with NeNe and Wendy…I have to go home… I’ve never wanted to kill anyone with my bare hands before…this is a major trigger for me, and I’m sure for my family and any person or families who’s dealt with this abuse… I’m from Baltimore… it hits different… I don’t drugs won’t EVER do drugs but a stranger offering it to me on a plane to cope and the airline acting as if it’s ok…has sent me in a depressive state. Be back as soon as I can…I’m not ok. Meanwhile, his high a$s is sleeping, and I’m having the worst anxiety EVER.”

The incident appears to have traumatized the reality television star.