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With All That PLASTIC SURGERY . . . And That BALD HEAD . . . Tamar Braxton Looks Like MRS POTATO HEAD!! (PICS)


The one and only Tamar Braxton has been having a rough few weeks. While you have probably heard the news that Tamar recently had her own sister booted from the Toni Braxton tour, today we get our first look at Tamar's new hair cut, and we're not impressed. Tamar Braxton decided to go bald and in doing so ended up looking like Mrs. Potato Head. While not the most flattering look, it echoes her life recently...a mess!

After having Traci kicked off of Toni's tour, Tamar also had a racial discrimination issue with a Cabo restaurant. She took to Instagram where she left the name of the restaurant undisclosed, but all of the terrible details of her experience public for her fans to see. Tamar stated: "Restaurant in Cabo 🙄,” she wrote. “After how horrible our food was…they made us pay $25 for water and a napkin.”

In other Tamar news, she was also seen in a vacation picture with her estranged husband Vincent Herbert, which certainly shocked fans. So, what do you think of Tamar's new do? Hit us up in the comments below.