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Talk show host Keke Palmer has herself a new boyfriend. Her new man is tall, handsome, and talented - and he's also White.

Who would have thought that in the year 2020 it would still be "news" for a Black woman to date a White man. But unfortunately it is.

Keke is the latest popular African American woman to choose to date a White man and apparently her choice doesn't sit well with a number of Twitter followers. 

When news of Keke's new man hit social media, a lot of angry and jealous men flooded her comments with insults and name calling. Some even called her a "bed wench," which  is a derogatory term for a Black woman in an interracial relationship. The term comes from a time when female slaves were forced to sleep in their slave master's bed, keeping it 'warm' for the slave-master until he returns to have sex with her.

Keke, however, is excited about her new relationship. Her new boyfriend is a gorgeous model/rapper from Los Angeles and goes by the name Mae Seven: