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Talk Show Host SUES: Says She Was Fired . . . Because Producers Said . .. Her Hair Was 'TOO RACTHET'!! (Look At Pics . . . Should They Have FIRED HER??)

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TV personality Porsha Coleman is suing her former show "Hollywood Today Live: for discrimination. Porsha makes a lot of claims in the suit, one ofwhich is that thet

Porsha claims that the Head of Programming at Fox, Tracy Taw, told her she didn’t appeal to Middle America and said to her in a meeting, "I’m trying to keep this show on past November and I don’t want your hair to be reason why the show doesn’t get picked up for season two."

She also claims that that Media General head of programming Tony Optican approached her “in an obvious attempt to shock absorb what had just happened and to ingratiate himself” and told her, "he understood black women because he dated them prior to marrying his wife."

So what did her HAIR look like . . . check it out below: