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Talib Kweli Reacts To Kanye West Diss: It Was Weird

Talib Kweli responded to Kanye West after Ye said that he "never f*cked with his raps" on Drink Champs.

"So apparently @kanyewest wants me to tell y'all about the last couple of times we hung out," Kweli wrote. "Ok. Here's pics from the last couple of times we hung out, the first is from last year, the second is from just last month. In these hang-out sessions many things happened."

Talib then made several claims about Ye: "Kanye told me that he has a severe drinking problem, he said his butler would bring him grey goose first thing in the morning. Then he tried to convince me to stop drinking. So it was weird to see him throwing back shots on @drinkchamps"

He continued, "Kanye privately told me that he no longer supports Trump but then continued to publicly show support for Trump. He blamed his support for Trump on Rick Rubin. He also said that Rick Rubin is the one who told him to link with Candace Owens. I thought it was weird for him to pass the buck like that."

Talib said that MAGA is terrorism and that he accepts Ye's apology. He then posted several rappers he claims are Ye's ghostwriters.