The president and CEO of DWE Entertainment, is threatening legal action against Alex Rodriguez over a joint reality TV show venture, calling him a "ruthless clout chaser." 

David Weintraub expressed his opinions in a lengthy caption on a series of Instagram photos and videos.

"Alex has gone above and beyond to fake and act his role as being a helper/investor/businessman on this show and has truly showed his true colors & disingenuous intentions to steal ideas & diminish people reputations & businesses through the confines of this program to better his own celebrity and pretend to be an expert in marketing and investing which he is not," Weintraub wrote, adding that he wears an earpiece and takes notes because he has "no idea what he is talking about."

Weintraub shared that he's going to take legal action against A. Rod because the former MLB player allegedly used "illegally taped conversations" to make it appear as if Weintraub and Baywatch star Nicole Eggert "were uncooperative talent."

He has since deleted the posts.