Takeoff LEAVING The Migos . . . After 'FIGHT' With Cardi B!!!

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Takeoff is reportedly leaving the group Migos, according to people close with the Atlanta rappers. The group MIGOS soon may only have two members left - according to multiple sources with knowledge of the group.

Takeoff announced this week that he will be releasing his first solo album - called The Last Rocket on Nov. 2. And word is that Takeoff is expected to be a solo artist from here onward.

Two people spoke with MTO News independently, and both told us that they expect Takeoff to be a solo artist going forward.

So what is causing the group to "break up"? One person close to the situation believes that it is CARDI B that is breaking up the group.

The insider explained, "[Cardi] is a problem. She's always in [Offset's] ear, making things that should be small issues - into big ones."

One instance in particular, we're told, is that Cardi felt "disrespected" that she was not asked to feature on Takeoff's new album. The insider explained, "Takeoff just doesn't like Cardi. No beef or anything. She's just not the type of person he vibes with."

And with Cardi becoming more and more of a fixture with the group, it's looks like it's time for Takeoff to . . . take off.

The insider told MTO News, "It's all love between the Migos. And everyone respects Offset and his [wife]. So it is what it is. She's not going anywhere . . . so Takeoff has to go."

All of the insiders told MTO news that here is absolutely NO bad blood between Takeoff, and his uncles Quavo and Offset. As one tipster put it, "It's just time to move on."