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Tahiry Throws Apples At Vado In New 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' Episode!!

Earlier this week, Tahiry and Vado went viral after a clip was leaked of Vado choking Tahiry following a heated discussion.

The episode in question aired and showed the moments building up to the shocking encounter. In the episode, Tahiry is angry at Vado because she felt that he "zapped" her unnecessarily during a couple's exercise.

Tahiry accused Vado of zapping her "out of spite", before throwing two apples at him, telling him to "make apple sauce," and humiliated him further by telling him that he could not pay the bills.

Weeks back, Tahiry said Vado was the "brokest" man she's ever dated.

Her actions do not excuse Vado choking her however-- violence is never the answer. But it does explain Vado's message where he accused the model of being the "aggressor."

Tahiry technically assaulted him first when she threw the apple. She even slams a chair up against him at one point.