Teairra Mari ASKED To Be 3rd Member Of Love & Hip Hop Akbar's HAREM!! (EXCLUSIVE)

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Teairra Mari's boyfriend on Love & Hip Hop Akbar is claiming that Teairra wanted to be his THIRD CONCUBINE. And his wife offered to show RECEIPTS to prove his claims.

On last night on Love & Hip Hop, Teairra and her friend Paris confronted Akbar's two sister wives - and it turned into a big fight. The show made it seem like Teairra was REFUSING to be Akbar's 3rd sister wife.

The drama played out on a scene last night that was COMPELLING. Watch:

But in reality, according to Akbar's wife Sade, Teairra allegedly ASKED to be a part of Akbar's Harem. She claims to have evidence proving it too. Sade leaked text messages and missed FaceTime calls from Teairra.

According to Sade, Teairra reached out to her PERSONALLY and asked to be a part of Akbar's harem. But she claims she VETOED her acceptance, because she believed Teairra was trying to get Akbar to DROP his other two sister wives. Here are her receipts:


Look at Akbar talking with one of his wives - convincing her to allow Teairra into the team: