Taco Bell Employee SLAPS Racist Man . . . Called Her 'N WORD'!! (Video)

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A racist old man got slapped by a female employee, inside a Kent, WA Taco Bell. And the female employee who slapped the White Supremacist, is being hailed as a hero online.

The incident started when the old man - who was clearly racist - started berating a Black female Taco Bell employee. The old White Supremacist started using hateful and violent language during the argument - and then started making menacing hand gestures towards the young woman.

The Taco Bell employee tried to remain professional, according to witnesses. But when the racist man started swinging his hands towards the woman - she defended himself.

The female employee physically threw the old racist out of the store, and slapped him multiple times on the way out.

Video of the incident has gone viral. According to local reports, Taco Bell is not taking any action against the employee, who many believe is a "hero."

Here is the video of the incident