Tabloid Suggests Steve Harvey May Be Cheating On Marjorie . . . With Kris Jenner!!!

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A new report from Radar Online has the entire entertainment industry rocked. The report suggests that Steve Harvey and Kris Jenner may have something going on.

In the report, th mag claims that Marjorie had to step in. . . And is threatening divorce.

Here’s what they are saying:

“There’s no way [Marjorie] was going to put up with Steve hanging around a man-eater like Kris — especially since he’s proven time and again he can’t be trusted.”

Steve and 62-year-old Kris, a two-time divorcée, have been buddy-buddy for years.

They were pictured together during Paris Fashion Week in 2015. They’ve also been seen out in Hollywood on multiple occasions and Kris appeared on his talk show to help boost ratings.

The mag added:

“There was a huge blowout fight and Marjorie walked out threatening divorce,” a source told Radar.

Wow. We live Steve and Marjorie. Hopefully they can work through this.

Steve and Marjorie have been married since 2007. In face they got married in June 2007, he married Marjorie Bridges, who he says is responsible for making him a better man and changing his life. Marjorie Harvey is mother to three children. Steve raises them as his own. Steve and Marjorie have four grandchildren: two through Jason's marriage to his wife Amanda, one through Morgan's marriage to her husband Kareem and one through Karli's marriage to husband Ben. 

But people have said that, “Steve has a wandering eye and he loves women!” said a former employee on his talk show, who spoke with Radar on the condition of anonymity.