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T-Pain walked off stage during his set at the B'Nai B'Rith Youth Organization (BBYO) Convention in Denver, CO. 

The rapper was performing his son, "Bartender," and was hit in the face with a beach ball before calmly walking off the stage.

Clearly disgruntled, the owner of the video took the time to explain via Reddit that T-Pain was already miffed because the concertgoers had been throwing things at him throughout his performance.

He was not the headliner. Marc E. Bassy and Galantis were next up, and the show was reportedly "dead" even before he stepped onto the stage.

"It is also worth mentioning that all the kids at the concert were put in a bad mood due to the circumstances," the individual posted in the HipHopHeads group on Reddit. 

"It pains me to say that probably half the kids were outside the concert hall because the concert was dead from the beginning. Typically, at the convention the floor is open, and everyone moshes and hangs out. But because of the location, the floor was blocked off for only certain kids, this year, with everyone trying to sneak in."

Watch the clip below.